Empire Chronicles

EC: The Rune Giants Conquest
"I don't think we should set the tent we are fighting in on fire"

Raer’s Journal: Entry 345

Our most recent adventure started when a ward from an area in the north-west area called Glyndestow Fel arrived in Griffonspire. He reported a small force of giants reeking havoc in the area. On our way out of town we stopped by the tavern where we joined forced with a rogue named Prospero. As we arrived in the area we found hostility, int he form of the very creature we were informed were attacking the area. we killed two giants forthright, and continued through the trapped area with the help of our new rogue. finally we reached the Giant encampment. after another bout with two more of the giants we rested for the night as planned our assault on the shoreline encampment. By this time our wonderful musical companion, Edward, had caught up to our location. He suggested we try to use invisibility to cause a distraction and kill the giants as quickly as we can. The invisibility worked right until we got up tot the main war tent. A giant from inside the tent head us and asked us to show our selves; however, we continued to sneak until we were close enough to attack. Their leader was something we had never seen before, Half-giant, Half-demon creature covered in runes. the creature being evil, made if fairly easy for Dungar and Saul to dispatch him. Xera did get very badly injured; however, with Edwards help she will live to fight another day. After the evil giant was slain, the other giants cam out of some type of mind control spell. All parties gave their thanks that no one else had to be injured or killed over this incident. We offered the giants our help should they ever need it again, and they left us all the treasure the Rune Giant had been hoarding. A great adventure for all.


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