Ætheland is a large island to the west of the Empire, inhabited by semi-civilized clans and petty kingdoms. A few Imperial colonies have been established over the centuries, with varying degrees of success.

Distant cousins of the Northmen, the Æthelish conquered and displaced the island’s original Vesperan inhabitants shortly after the Age of Titans, pushing the natives up into the craggy highlands. They have since been lukewarm toward the Imperian Empire, occasionally trading with Imperian and Vesperan merchants when not occupied with their own inter-tribal internecine raiding and conquest.

Although their primary tongue, Æthelisc, is related to Kyrric Common, it is not particularly intelligible to most Common speakers. As such, over the centuries of periodic contact and trade with the Empire they have adopted a simple trade dialect of Kyrric Common for use with Imperial merchants.


The most powerful tribes and clans of Ætheland eventually coalesced into loose amalgamations of tribal allegiances and feudal pacts. These petty kingdoms frequently raid and skirmish with their neighbors, and have done so for generations. Occasionally these conflicts flare up into all-out war over chunks of territory or the subjugation of smaller realms, but the kingdoms which still stand have gradually become more stable, solidified around the increasing legitimacy of their kings.



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