Arcane Magic

Arcane magic is relatively uncommon in the Empire. It has waxed and waned over the aeons, often in flux with the Old Magic of the realm. As of the current date, it is steadily waxing, marked by a notable increase in magical creatures.

Even with a rise in their activity, however, truly magical creatures tend to be rare and reclusive and are not generally seen in civilised areas. While unusual creatures such as owlbears or dire animals are not unheard of, more exotic beings such as blink dogs, faeries, and gryphons are extremely rare.

Magical items are very uncommon for a number of reasons. Few individuals exist who have the capability and desire to create new ones, and such items are usually of limited power. What powerful items do exist are usually relics from eras long gone, forgotten treasures of the Old Dwarven Empire, or the elves and dragons who preceded them. A small amount of artefacts exist from the time of the Empress’ ascension, when magic had most recently reached a zenith. Most of these artefacts are highly coveted by the Imperian Church and other organisations, and anyone in possession of such an item is sure to be a target for greedy collectors.


Wizards, the true practitioners of magic, are few and far between, and just as often as not prefer to isolate themselves from society in order to study their craft and magic’s mysteries. What magical items do exist in the world are generally created by wizards, who have the aptitude and mindset for such enchantment.


Sorcerers are more common than wizards, and began appearing in greater numbers around the time the Empire formed. Because their abilities are innate and mostly limited to what they can naturally conjure, very few go the extra distance required to be true masters of the craft. Most sorcerers favour direct, elemental spells, which tend to manifest more easily.


Most magic-users are Bards. Rather than focusing most of their energies on tapping into their innate magical power like Sorcerers do, Bards are more well-rounded and simply use their magical abilities to bolster other pursuits in life. Bards rarely possess the skill and knowledge for crafting magical items or delving into the greater mysteries of magic.

Arcane Magic

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