The modern Imperian calendar came into common usage a few hundred years prior to the current date. It marks the date of the Empress’ apotheosis as Year 1. All years hence are the Current Era, and all years prior are Before Current Era.

Each year is comprised of thirteen months of precisely twenty-eight days, with an additional day inserted between the last day of the last month of the preceding year and the first day of the first month, for a total of 365 days per year. The first day of a given month is sometimes known as kalends, and the 15th day as ides.

Her Divinity’s Holy Apotheosis, the first day of each new year, is a holiday celebrated throughout the Empire.

  1. Imperatrix – The kalends marks the winter solstice
  2. Victoria
  3. Sybil
  4. Tempestas – The first day of the second week marks the vernal equinox
  5. Regina
  6. Abyssus
  7. Fabrica – The ides marks the summer solstice
  8. Militare
  9. Venia
  10. Fortunare – The first day of the fourth week marks the autumnal equinox
  11. Lux Lucis
  12. Sagittarius
  13. Limen

Additional holidays vary by region, and often reference local legend or tradition.


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