Barbarians are uncommon. They can be seen in remote areas, especially the Northern Provinces. Mostly human, but a few dwarves are Barbarians as well. AKA: Berserker


Bards are common. They are those who are born with or develop some measure of magical ability, but for whatever reason eschew formal training or intensive study. Bards tend to be jacks-of-all-trades, using their magical abilities to augment other pursuits. AKA: Skald, minstrel


Clerics are uncommon. While mundane men of the cloth are plentiful, those who possess actual divine power are relatively rare. They can be particularly holy, unholy, or neither, depending on the individual. AKA: Priest


Druids are rare. They are practitioners of Old Magic, and are versed in the ancient rituals whispered of by the land itself. Most druids are elves, but some humans, half-elves, and dwarves feel the calling of aeons past. AKA: Shaman, hedge wizard


Fighters are common. These are the professional warriors of all suits and colors which can be found everywhere in the Empire and its surroundings. May include knights, archers, mercenaries, and many others.


Monks are rare. Those few that can be found in the Empire are usually human. Some are from lands far beyond the ken of the Empire’s scholars and cartographers, while others are reclusive adherents to esoteric monastic traditions.

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Paladins are uncommon. Most are humans or half-elves. While many profess to be holy warriors, few have the divine spark that marks one as a true paladin. They are from the same stock as Clerics, but have focused their pursuits in a more martial direction. There are many varieties of Paladin, ranging from holy knights to pacifistic ascetics.


Rangers are uncommon. Not just mere trackers or wilderness hunters, Rangers are warriors versed in the Old Ways, much like Druids. Most Rangers are elves, but some are human or half-elven.


Rogues are common. Burglars, treasure hunters, trackers, bounty hunters, less martially-inclined nobles, guides, assassins, information brokers, and a thousand other archetypes are all considered Rogues.


Sorcerers are uncommon. They tend to be the most plentiful variety of magic-user. Sorcerers can cast spells naturally as an innate gift, and they tend to focus on very tangible effects. Elemental spellcasters who use fire, lightning, and other ostentatious displays of magical power are more common, whereas more subtle enchanters are relatively rare, due to the nature of the sorcerer’s gift. AKA: Mage, magus, warlock, magician


Wizards are rare. They tend to be inscrutable and reclusive spellcasters versed in arcane lore. Wizards perform their magic much more deliberately than sorcerers. What few there are are held in high regard, but are often seen as being eccentric and unreliable.


Cavaliers are common. Many knights, aspiring knights, crusaders, nobles, and some professional warriors are cavaliers. AKA: Knight


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