WIP rough timeline.

Imperial pre-history

  • Illithids colonize the plane and rule over it
  • Illithids retreat from the plane, dragons conquer the known world
  • Dragon empire collapses, Elven empire rises
  • Elven empire retreats into forests and mountains, Old Dwarves rule the world

ca 2000 BCE

  • Old Dwarven empire decays, dwarves leave the surface world
  • Old Magic dwindles and fades from the world
  • Human tribes and fledgling societies begin developing

ca 800-400 BCE

  • Human civilisation matures, modern ethnic/cultural groups mostly established
  • The Age of Titans, a time of magic, myth, and great heroes

126 BCE

  • Meridiana becomes unified with Imperia as its capital

79 BCE

  • Achaos is conquered by Imperia

72 BCE

  • Derigius becomes a vassal state of Imperia

40 BCE

  • The Empress is born
  • Noted increase in sorcerers and other magic-users, magic waxes

30 BCE

  • Vespera is conquered by Imperia, beginning the Imperian Conquest, and the Empire begins to form

24 BCE

  • Most orc, goblin, gnoll, and other hostile tribes driven from Meridiana. Small numbers take refuge in the north and the west, while most flee eastward or sail southward.
  • Coronation of the Empress of Imperia

17 BCE

  • Aquilonia is conquered by the Imperian Empire

10 BCE

  • Most of Aurora is conquered by the Imperian Empire


  • The Empire is considered unified and most of its modern borders established

1 CE

  • Deification of the Empress
  • Formal establishment of the Imperian Church

26 CE

  • Eastern Marches established to guard the eastern mountain passes

33 CE

  • Southmarch, one of the only ways to travel further south by land, established to protect from monstrous incursions

49 CE

  • Versmark incorporated into the Empire via treaty

67 CE

  • Lakemarch formally established

110 CE

  • Last public appearance of the Empress, magic wanes

113-124 CE

  • The Tide of the East, an eleven-year incursion of eastern barbarians that ravaged much of Aurora

155 CE

  • Southmarch further fortified against increasingly aggressive orc tribes

157 CE

  • Versmark breaks away from the Empire, beginning the 1st Versmarchian War.

158 CE

  • Versmark cuts a swath through the Eastern Marches and conquers much of Dallanland

160 CE

  • Fjarden forcibly allied to Versmark

161 CE

  • Falland conquered by Versmark
  • Tarian Accord signed, enacting a 10-year truce and formally dividing Dallanland in two.

171 CE

  • Truce expires, 2nd Versmarchian War (Imperian Reconquest) begins

172 CE

  • Falland and Dallanland reconquered by the Empire

173 CE

  • Fjarden withdraws from conflict and declares neutrality

174 CE

  • Eastern Marches reconquered by the Empire

175 CE

  • Versmark surrenders, Versmarchian Wars end
  • Fjarden re-absorbed into the Empire

177 CE

  • Massive orc invasion overwhelms the defenders of Southmarch, and the province is temporarily lost to orc pillaging

179 CE

  • Legio VIII ‘Firma’ is founded to retake Southmarch and establishes the territory as its home

ca. 190-500 CE

  • ‘Pax Imperia,’ a time of relative peace and stability

ca. 500-540 CE

  • Imperian Reformation
  • Period of sweeping reforms to government and Church amidst rising discontent and social unrest, official establishment and formalisation of feudal system in many provinces

556-579 CE

  • The Council Wars
  • Internecine conflict throughout the Empire as governance and council seats are disputed by claimants

700 CE

  • Scholars report a waxing of magical forces, including incidents of planar confluence, increased monstrous activity, and the awakening of things long dormant and forgotten.

711 CE

  • Negative Energy confluence event centered in the Northern Provinces; crops wither and the dead rise from the grave. Heroes from another plane intervene and seal the breach between worlds.
  • The Knights Errant sponsor an expedition to the mysterious island of Hibernia. A malicious fey creature from aeons past is released upon the land, and later destroyed by the explorers.
  • Rumors of discontent and unrest circulate in Versmark. A band of adventurers set forth eastward to chart the distant, inhospitable East.

712-718 CE

  • 3rd Versmarchian War
  • Rise of Prince Konrad the Dragon

812 CE

  • Current date
  • The tides and eddies of magic reach their zenith, plunging the known world into chaos


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