Order of the Unyielding Spirit

(UPDATED for 2016 campaign)

Status: de jure order
Chapters: est. 20-25
Current Leader: Lord-Paladin Commander Tobias Hall
Power Base(s): Imperia, Spiresreach, Holmany, Westreach

The Knights Adamantis, (also known as Adamantium Paladins or the Adamantium Order, and formally as the Order of the Unyielding Spirit), are an official Imperial Knightly Order founded to serve as a militant arm of the Imperian Church. In practice, they have drifted somewhat from their original mandate since their founding, and now act in a mostly autonomous capacity with only nominal ties to the Church.

Typically, the order can be found acting as guardians and templars for pilgrims and Church missions, as well as spearheading crusades and other initiatives against aggressors on the Empire’s borders. They are usually well-received amongst the local populations of the frontier provinces, since they are seen as defenders and protectors of the common people. Many small villages have been defended by the order after being written off by the lords responsible for their safety, a history which in large part gave rise to their nickname of Adamantium Paladins.

Some of the order’s detractors claim that the Knights Adamantis use such altruistic behavior as a smokescreen for their decreasing political relevancy in the Imperial heartland. The order’s disconnection from the Church is not viewed favorably in some circles and is given as a reason for the order’s declining influence in the more populated central regions of the Empire, but the Knights Adamantis nevertheless remain a popular organization amongst many of the common people.

Renown (5th Edition)

“A character earns renown by completing missions or quests that serve an organization’s interests or involve the organization directly. You award renown at your discretion as characters complete these missions or quests, typically at the same time you award experience points.” (DMG, pg 22-23)

Renown Rank Perks (sample)
1 Page/Squire/Sergeant -
3 Knight Bachelor Knighthood
10 Knight Adamantis Extra clout, supplies
25 Paladin Adamantis Access to Order vaults
50 Paladin Commander Command of a Preceptory

Order of the Unyielding Spirit

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