The Northern Provinces

The Northern Provinces are a collection of counties organized into a loose duchy. It is part of the geographical region of Aquilonia.

Capital: Cedalia
Ruler: Duke Gabriel Soran
Power Structure: Feudal
Influential Parties: Duke Soran, feudal counts and lords, Knights Adamantis, Knights Astral
Counties: Cedalian Plains, Kyrshire, Aglanor, Glyndestow Fel

Cedalian Plains

Ruler: Count Sable
Points of Interest: Cedalia (ducal capital), Framwest Abbey, Lake Cedglen

The Cedalian Plains are the south-western grasslands of the Northern Provinces. Fertile, arable farmland makes it a wealthy and populous county, and it has enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous history. Much of the Eremil Forest grows here.


Ruler: Count Saul Hemming
Points of Interest: Kyrshireton (capital), Fort Gilbranch, Oakdon, Oakdon-by-Cranspil, Griffonspire, Tambury, Lurin

Kyrshire (main article) covers most of the central and south-eastern parts of the Northern Provinces. It is home to the Kyr mountain range and a significant portion of the Sanith Wood. Highlands, meadows and forests cover much of its landscape, with rolling grassland in the south-east.


Ruler: Count Manyrd
Points of Interest: Lyneborne (capital), Hawkwick, Faebrien’s Peak

Aglanor is the north-western county of the Northern Provinces. It is mountainous and hilly, with a diverse range of farmland, highlands, moorland, tundra and half of the Eremil Forest. Faebrien’s Peak, an active volcano, is a source of considerable superstition among the local populace.

Glyndestow Fel

Ruler: Count Balan
Points of Interest: Buckborough (capital)

Glyndestow Fel covers the north-east portion of the Northern Provinces. It is dominated by moorland, swamps, and bogs, and about half of the Sanith Wood is considered to be in its borders. The Sanith River delta empties into the Norsea here. It is the poorest county in the region, due in large part to its lack of population centers and arable land.

The Northern Provinces

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