Versmark is a march, a border province, and guards the north-eastern frontier of the Empire. It is part of the geographical region of Aurora.

Recently, many of the lords of Versmark have attempted to break away from the Empire as the Sovereign Principality of Versmark, led by the province’s duke, now styled prince.

Capital: Achwenberg
Ruler: Prince Konrad von Kotte
Power Structure: Feudal
Influential Parties:
Counties: Achwenberg, Kotte, Hecklau


Ruler: Prince Konrad von Kotte
Points of Interest: Achwenberg (principal capital), Hänirten

Like much of Versmark, Achwenberg is covered in thick forests. It is also home to a majority of the available farmland.


Ruler: Prince Konrad von Kotte
Points of Interest: Kotte (capital), Castellum Dara, Aderbrauch

Kotte is the true frontier of Versmark, and lacks a precisely-demarcated eastern border as civilised land slowly gives way to cold forests and mountains.


Ruler: Markgraf Renke von Hecklau
Points of Interest: Hecklau (capital), Brerzünen

Hecklau covers the north-western coast of Verskmark and much of the coniferous forests further inland.

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