Westreach is a small province on the northwest coast of the Empire. Bounded on the north and west by the ocean, most of its eastern border is described by the Holmany mountain range. Its relative geographic isolation has cultivated a rustic sanctuary for the Vesperan civilization of old, modulated only by its long-standing incorporation into the Empire.

Grassy hills and rugged, rocky woods dominate most of the Westreachian countryside. It is relatively sparsely populated, but large communities do exist. Despite the backwoods nature of the province, it is considered a symbolic pillar of the Empire, representing Imperia’s Vesperan conquests. As such, Imperia maintains a modest presence here, and pro-Imperia sentiment among the locals is high thanks to a long and prosperous relationship with the capital.

Even so, Imperia’s influence has waned in outlying provinces, and Westreach is no exception. It functions as a semi-independent realm, taking cues from Imperia when convenient, but the local arglwyds (lords) are effectively free to govern however they see fit.

Caer Connagon

Capital: Caer Connagon
Ruler: Tywysog Owain of Connagon
Language: Gaertanic Common

Places of Interest

Caer Connagon

Notable Odds & Ends

The Knights Adamantis maintain a sizable chapter house in Caer Connagon, and knights of the order can occasionally be seen traveling through the province.

Legio III ‘Zephyra’ frequently recruits from this province, and maintains a fort here with a considerable portion of its manpower.


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