House Rules

Encumbrance / Carrying Stuff

Weighing every pound is not only fiddly, but can result in odd situations (“If I drop everything else, my STR lets me carry 5 greatswords without penalty!”). Thus, item weight is mostly ignored.

The general rule for carrying stuff is Common Sense. Can you carry 5 greatswords and still hike and move through rough terrain while fighting effectively? No.

The rule of thumb is thus: You can wear a set of armor, carry one primary weapon set (a two-handed weapon, a longbow/crossbow, or a medium/large shield), one sidearm (a sword or other easy-to-carry weapon), a backup weapon (such as a dagger or a buckler – if you want a backup shield, that’s what bucklers are for!), and a reasonable amount of gear and equipment. Remember, you have to march cross-country with all this crap on your back, and then fight while carrying it all!

A reasonable amount of loot can be stored in packs or otherwise slung for storage while it’s being hauled back to town, but large caches of treasure require other means to extricate them. You should be carrying no more than 100-200 total coins on your person – any excess will have to be stored elsewhere and transported more deliberately unless you’re just making a transaction in town.

Equipment Slots

If it helps you plan or if a strict ruling is required, think of your character as having gear ‘slots’:

Primary Weapon Set: (Heavy weapon, large ranged weapon, shield/large shield)
Sidearm: (most one-handed weapons, light ranged weapon)
Backup: (dagger, light hammer, handaxe, buckler)

Some wiggle-room is possible, for example, you might have a longbow+arrows as your heavy ranged weapon, a longsword as a sidearm, and a matched shortsword in the Backup slot for use in dual-wielding. The most important thing is that your equipment make sense – unless you have a Bag of Holding, you are not a walking arsenal.

House Rules

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