victory.jpgLike most of the saints of the Imperian Church, Victory was once (and in some places, still is) revered as a goddess in her own right. Appearing as an armored, winged, angelic woman, Victory has a central role in Imperian spiritual beliefs. She is the embodiment and personification of Imperia itself, and Imperia is her chosen nation in the mortal world – or so Imperian theologians once wrote. Now, she is conflated with the deified Empress, and the two occupy similar and sometimes utterly indistinguishable roles in the Imperian Church and society in general.

As the personification of Imperia and its victorious conquests, she is generally depicted as a virtuous warrior. Her favored weapon is the spear.

5th Edition Domains: War

5th Edition Piety
“The gods bestow favors on those who prove their devotion. … A character can pray for divine favor once per day. This favor usually comes in the form of a cleric spell like bless.”

Piety Favor
1 guidance
3 shield of faith
10 death ward
25 conjure celestial (a CR 10 deva resembling Victory. This effect cannot be used again until the character gains another point of Piety)
50 Blessing of the First Spear (One nonmagical weapon in your possession becomes +1 when you wield it)


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