Aldelves, or high elves, are the rarer type of elf. Few in the Empire have ever seen a wood elf in person, but fewer still even know of the aldelves’ existence.

Austere and eldritch, aldelves are a truly ancient people. Their fire has long since gone out of the world, extinguished aeons ago by the rise of the dwarves. What few aldelves remain are in reclusive mountain retreats, far from the prying eyes of others.

Aldelves are significantly taller than their “common” cousins, and are alleged to have an uncannily haunting gaze. Unlike wood elves, aldelves are thought to be truly immortal, surpassing even their cousins’ long life spans.

Aldelf Characters – 5th Edition

Aldelves use the standard High Elf subrace option, and do not die of old age.


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