Updated for 5th Edition

The Imperian Empire has sprawled across an entire continent and into two more, settling humans throughout the realm and pushing other races aside. As a result, many discrete groups of humans have developed with varying cultural influences.

Standard humans use the normal Player’s Handbook character creation rules for humans (with the Variant Human Traits sidebar), and are suitable for representing people from all over the Empire and even outside it.

Those who strongly embrace their cultural origins, however, may consider a subrace:


Imperians give their name and culture to an entire empire. Most call Imperia and its environs their home, though some can invariably be found almost anywhere in the Empire. They tend to be driven individuals and take inspiration from the great works of the Empire, and many serve a stint in the Legion before moving on to other pursuits in life.

Imperians tend to have fair or tanned complexions and light or dark brown hair.

Languages: Instead of choosing Common and one extra language, Imperians only know Imperian Common – they are masters of an empire, and have no need for foreign tongues or vulgar regional dialects.
Dominus: The Imperian people have conquered the known world, and their language, culture and way of life is the standard by which all others are measured. Imperians have Advantage on checks where Imperian culture is strongly presented (such as an Intimidation roll suggesting the target surrender before the might of Imperia, or a Persuasion roll to negotiate terms favourable to Imperian interests).


Achaons are the descendants of the ancient Achaean Empire, one of the most formidable nations of the Age of Titans. Although that great nation is no more, its people still echo that legendary heritage.

Achaons tend to have fair or tanned complexions with darker hair colors, although blond is not unheard of.

Languages: Instead of the standard Human language options, Achaons speak Achaean Common.
Forefathers: The Achaons once had a magnificent empire of their own. Their rich history is full of scholarship, science, and philosophy, and Achaons have Advantage on History checks.


The hardy men of the northern parts of the Empire and beyond are accustomed to rugged terrain, cold climates, and yearly hardship. They are tough, and many trace their lineage back to proud traditions of raiding, conquest, and noble savagery. Aquilonians tend to be tall, with fair complexions and light brown, blond, or red hair.

Aquilonians can represent many of the inhabitants of the north-northwestern parts of the Empire, as well as Northmen.

Languages: Instead of the standard options, Aquilonians may choose to speak Aquilonian Common, Holman Common, or Kyrric Common. Northmen characters speak Old Aquilonian instead.
Rugged: Aquilonians have Advantage on Survival checks to deal with winter or cold conditions, and saving throws against cold damage.


Aurorans come from hardy stock, accustomed to harsh survival amidst the wild forests east of Imperia. While much of Aurora has since been civilized and turned into arable farmland, there are still those whose heritage is that of their wild, barbaric Auroran forebears. Fierce warrior traditions have combined with a communal ethic to create a formidable people. Aurorans tend to have fair complexions, with brown or blond hair.

Languages: Instead of the standard options, Aurorans speak Dallan Common.
Dallan Warrior Blood: Aurorans are hardy frontier people, and have Advantage on Athletics checks.


Scoradians are accustomed to heat, sand, and sea. Some trace their ancestry back to old Achaean colonies, while others hail from nomadic desert tribes. They are renowned as some of the finest sailors in the Empire, as well as capable survivalists in the hot desert conditions of Scoradia. Scoradians tend to have tanned or dusky complexions and dark hair.

Languages: Instead of the standard options, Scoradians speak either Imperian Common, Achaean Common, or Lancian Common.
Scoradian Nights: Scoradians have Advantage on Survival checks against desert or tropical conditions (hot or cold) and going without water.


Of all the men of the Empire, it is said that the Vesperans are most in tune with the Old Magic. The Vesperan people still maintain some ties to their old druidic traditions, though many simultaneously embrace the modern ways of the Empire. Some of the finest exemplars of chivalric excellence come from Vespera, and they are well-known for more than a few famous knights and adventurers. Vesperans tend to have fair complexions, and light brown, blond, or red hair.

Languages: Instead of the standard options, Vesperans speak Gaertanic Common.
The Old Ways: Although most of the common folk are largely ignorant of such things, heroic adventurers of Vesperan blood tend to be in tune with some small trace of Old Magic. You know the druidcraft cantrip, which manifests subtly (and may even be subconscious), using Wisdom as the spellcasting ability.


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